On the Practice of Active Positivity

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It’s easy to sit on the sidelines, lobbing grenades at those who have done the work and put something out there.

I’m guilty of this myself at times.  I do my best to frame the mistakes of others as lessons for the rest of us, though sometimes I can’t resist making a dig at the truly awful stuff.  It’s not like there’s a shortage of bad branding out there.

But focusing only on the negative won’t make you a better leader.  And it doesn’t work as a philosophy of life. Continue reading “On the Practice of Active Positivity”

Thank You for 19 Years

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On June 16, 1997, I established the company that now bears the name Three Deuce Branding.  That was exactly 19 years ago.

I celebrated the way I celebrate most days, by starting the day with 90 minutes of hot yoga. Tonight, the wife and I enjoyed some fish tacos and grilled prawns at GT Fish & Oyster. It’s the little things.

19th BirthdayIt was a pretty normal day in most other respects, though Continue reading “Thank You for 19 Years”