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Kind words from people who have hired me…

“We Should Have Done This Years Ago!”

Matthew provided the expertise and led our team through a process that helped us clearly define our brand and our differentiators, resulting in effective messaging to build and market our brand.

The process was extremely valuable and we should have done this years ago!    

Doug Loftus, Founding Partner, Wealth Dimensions Group

“Gave Us a Fresh New Approach”

Matthew made the entire process seamless, easy to grasp and extremely worthwhile.  He helped us clarify our goals and positioning in the market and gave us a fresh new approach.

Anne Lisbin, Owner, Elegant Fare Catering

“An Epiphany!”

I would recommend Matthew for any team that would like to experience the “Now I Get It” moment.  I could almost classify it as an epiphany!

Deb Kelley, Marketing Manager, Fidelity Investments


Founder Matthew Fenton

What kinds of companies do you work with?

The mission statement I drafted in 1997 remains in effect today: “To help good people build great brands.”  I want to work with decent people who use their brand as a force for good.

The principles of positioning & strategy travel well, so your commitment to branding is a better predictor of success than the industry you’re in.

What’s the lead time to work with you?

It varies.  Because I won’t compromise on the quality of my services, I have a strict rule – I never work with more than three clients at once.  When you complete the form above, I’ll reply promptly with my availability.

How much does it cost to work with you?

This is a little like asking “How long is a piece of string?”  There are several variables that affect the scope of the project, especially what you’d like to have in your hands at its conclusion.  Other variables include team size, workshop structure, primary research and follow-on support. 

But generally speaking, small projects begin at about $8k and larger projects are $20-$100k+.

Can I get your advice without doing a full-fledged project?

You may.  To grab a slot on my calendar for a pre-paid call or Zoom, just select one of the links below.

Schedule a 30-minute call with me (US$175)

Schedule a 60-minute call with me (US$300)

Schedule a 90-minute call with me (US$425)

Schedule a 120-minute call with me (US$550)

Can’t I just get strategy from my agency?

Yes and no. As a consultant and a client, I’ve hired and managed dozens of agencies. And the kind of strategy they sell is probably not the kind of strategy you need.

There are two primary reasons for this:

Inexperience relative to your needs. There’s an old agency trick: “Win the account with senior staff, run the account with junior staff.” And at most agencies, even senior strategists have never owned a P&L or brought a product to market.

Inherent bias. Agencies tend to focus on executional strategy, which certainly has its place. But it’s not the same as brand strategy. So design agencies will tell you the answer to your challenges is design, while social agencies will tell you the answer is social.

I built my consultancy to deliver brand strategy with no executional bias, backed by my seven successful years in client-side brand management and over 25 years of helping brands solve their toughest top-level challenges. I won’t hand your challenge to a junior staffer, because there is no junior staffer here.

Will you do a “sample” project for free?

Under no circumstances.