Play the game you can win.

Your brand exists for a reason – to make the world a better place, in some way, for a certain group of people.

But, too often, the playing field’s stacked against you. The largest competitors enjoy a number of advantages: Better awareness. Bigger budgets. More customers. And that’s just for starters.

Despite these disadvantages, you still have to deliver results.  Your people, inside and outside your company, need you to.

What’s the answer?


You have to do more with less.  (What other choice do you have?)  Clarity – and its companion, focus – are the keys to winning, the secret weapons that help you get the most out of your limited resources.

For nearly 3 decades, I’ve worked with challenger brands – brands that, despite their disadvantages, still felt a duty to make a dent in the universe.

In each of my 7 years as a client-side brand leader, including two years as CMO, I led disadvantaged brands to double-digit growth.

And in over 20 years of consulting, I’ve helped dozens of underdog brands to better serve their people and defeat the bad guys. I’m proud of the fact that over 92% of my work has been via repeat or referral.

I know from experience that building brands is more rewarding (and fun) when:

  • We know exactly who we serve and how we best do that.
  • Our team is moving purposefully and steadily toward a clear vision.
  • Our competitors are more worried about us than we are about them.
  • We’re regularly putting wins on the board.

You can’t win by playing the same game as the big boys.  You have to play the game you can win.

Let’s define that game.  Schedule an appointment today and let’s discuss your challenges. We’ll customize a project or workshop to your unique needs.