Brand clarity for you & your team.

Clarity brings focus.  And a focused brand can win.

I believe branding is about serving, and brand strategy is about winning.  My work focuses on questions related to this: Exactly who & how do we serve?  Where will we play?  How will we win?  Where do we need to improve, and how will we do that?

In each of my seven years as a client-side brand leader, including two years as CMO, I grew brands by double digits annually.  In 20 years of strategy consulting, I’ve helped hundreds of brands to accelerate their growth and earn the loyalty of their consumers.  In those 20 years, 92% of my business has been either repeat or referral.

In my consulting services, my speaking engagements, and my blog, my goal is the same: To give you the clarity, the roadmap and the tools to win.

I know from experience that building brands is more rewarding (and fun) when:

  • We know exactly who we serve and how we best do that.
  • The team is moving purposefully toward a clear vision.
  • Our competitors are more worried about us than we are about them.
  • We’re regularly putting wins on the board.

Let’s talk about your brand challenges, and whether I might help.

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