There are many ways we can work together to solve your brand challenges. No matter what form the work takes, it’s designed to create three things:

  • Alignment across your team.
  • Meaningful difference for your consumers.
  • Growth and wins for your brand.

Our work typically takes the following forms:

  • Consulting – In-depth projects to create clarity and impact in your brand strategy.
  • Workshops – Hands-on sessions to generate a specific output.
  • Advisory – As a leader of the planning process, an expert set of eyes & ears, a fractional CMO/CSO, or a coach.

These are the kinds of answers we deliver:

Mission, Vision & Values


  • What is our “why”?
  • What is the shared vision we’re working toward?
  • What do we stand for and believe in?


  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Values Statement

Core Brand Strategy


  • What are the biggest challenges we face (now and in the future)?
  • What are our core strengths?
  • What does winning mean to us?
  • Where will we play (and not play)?
  • How will we win?
  • How can we do more with less?
  • How will we unlevel the playing field – in our favor?
  • How will our different brands and business units live in harmony?


  • Situational Diagnosis
  • Guiding Strategic Policy
  • Core Brand Strategies



  • What does our brand stand for?
  • Who do we serve?
  • What is our key point of meaningful difference?
  • What is our core benefit?
  • What is our personality and voice?


  • Brand Positioning Statement
  • Brand Personality Statement



  • What is the heart of our product, service or brand?
  • What are the most important messages to deliver and to whom?
  • How can my team develop a common language to describe and share our brand?


  • Concept Statements
  • Messaging Platforms
  • Elevator Pitch

Here’s what our clients say…

“As a marketing and branding professional myself, it is very rare for me to hand one of my own brands to someone else to ‘tell me what to do.’  When I do, the person I call is Matthew.

“His instincts and processes are carefully crafted to bring out the essence of each brand he touches. The confidence he brings into the room is contagious and his passion for his work is endless. Don’t miss an opportunity to have him help you grow your brand.”

Doug Lyon, Founder & CEO, Roaring Brands; Developer of Paqui tortillas and Feast & Fury potato chips

“Matthew didn’t begin our relationship with a pre-baked solution.  He took the time to get to know our customers, our employees, our collateral, our history and our challenges.  This understanding really allowed Matthew to speak on behalf of our brand. 

“Many brands could benefit from his calculated and disciplined approach to strategy.”

Scott Brandt, SVP-Marketing, Jellyvision; Former EVP-Marketing,

“Matthew crafted a unique position that captures us perfectly – it’s exactly how we want to be perceived. Moreover, his strategic recommendations demonstrated an intimate knowledge of us that was immensely valuable and a bit frightening in its level of accuracy.

“The effect of Matthew’s great work will be felt for years to come.”

Dan Stuby, Sales Manager, Disney Youth Programs; Former Brand Development Manager, Bob Rogers Travel

“Matthew is one of the best brand consultants I know. Period. His strategic recommendations are smart and well thought out. And his approach is subtle enough to make everyone else think that, just maybe, it was their idea. (Hello, organizational buy in!)

“When I asked that he partner on a key project, I entrusted him with not only important clients but also with my professional reputation. It was trust very well placed. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Leah Hunter, Producer, Created Here; Former Strategic Director, Cheskin Added Value

“Matthew made the entire process seamless, easy to grasp and extremely worthwhile.  He helped us clarify our goals and positioning in the market and gave us a fresh new approach.”

Anne Lisbin, Owner, Elegant Fare

“Matthew revolutionized the way our company went about creating brands. His fast-moving, collaborative and wildly fun approach brought out the most creative elements in all of us and helped us dream up a number of innovative new products.

“He is professional, to the point, and one of the most creative individuals I have met. I would recommend his work to anyone who is looking to shake up their brands!” 

Jennifer Popple, Former Product Manager, Duncan Enterprises

“Matthew has conducted several ideation sessions in which I had been involved.  He did a wonderful job engaging that participants, keeping the ball rolling and helping to hone blue sky to more specific ideas.  We had a great time and received some wonderful ideas which we acted upon.  We definitely plan to work with him again!”

Elisa Egan, Senior Manager – Product Development, Wrigley

“Matthew provided the expertise and led our team through a process that helped us clearly define our brand and our differentiators and resulted in effective messaging to build and market our brand.  The process was extremely valuable and we should have done this years ago!”    

Doug Loftus, Founding Partner, Wealth Dimensions Group