Bring Brand Clarity to Your Next Event

Matthew Fenton Chicago Brand Strategy

Matthew Fenton has brought brand clarity and inspiration to thousands of audience members.  Whether at national marketing conferences, corporate meetings, association and industry conventions, or universities, Matthew is always a highly-rated branding speaker who makes his topics clear, interesting, enjoyable and actionable.

Some sample themes Matthew has addressed:

  • What branding really is – and isn’t
  • How challenger brands can “un-level the playing field” to not just play, but win
  • Positioning – what it is and how to get it right
  • Brand strategy – where to play and how to win
  • Brand vision and purpose – not just what you do and how you do it, but why
  • How to create meaningful difference, even in crowded or mature markets
  • Living the brand – everyone plays a part

Matthew will customize his material based on your needs.  To find out more about how Matthew can bring brand clarity to your next event, please contact him directly.

What Others Say…

“While I was Director of Educational Programs at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, Matthew & I partnered on over a dozen of his ‘Branding in Action’ training sessions, as well as presentations at other Chamber events.

“Matthew’s presentations were always highly-rated by Chamber members – in fact, 98% of attendees said they would recommend his training to others.

“I believe this is because Matthew focuses first and foremost on the needs of his audience, and on making branding understandable and actionable for the smaller business.  He’s an excellent, engaging presenter and is easy to work with.”

~ David Owens, Former Director of Educational Programs, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

“As a 19 year Chamber veteran, I’ve worked with many speakers for hundreds of programs and events, and Matthew stands out as one of the best.

“His engaging, personable style allows him to create an immediate rapport with the audience, setting a positive environment for connecting and learning. He’s a true expert in his field and does an excellent job presenting information in an organized manner that’s easy to understand and digest. Program participants leave energized, empowered, and armed with brand strategy tools they can implement immediately.”

~ Tamara Lang, Women Excel Programs Leader (Former Manager of Business Education & Roundtable Programs), Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

Here’s a sample of feedback from Matthew’s presentations:

  • “Refreshingly free of buzzword babble and double-talk.  Delivered with great wit, experience and a sincere passion for the process of branding.”
  • “Matthew really simplifies a complex business issue… how to build a great brand.”
  • “This was the best-spent morning of training in many years.  I left with an understanding of the process of branding so I can successfully brand my company.”
  • “The most relevant brand marketing training I have attended.  Simplified approach gave me a plan that is executable.”
  • “Yours was the most productive seminar I have attended in a very long time.”
  • “I have attended more than enough branding presentations but yours was succinct and entertaining.”
  • “Your branding presentation was certainly intelligent, coherent, and most importantly, useful.”
  • “Definitely the best presentation I’ve been to in years.”
  • “I appreciated your style of presentation – no nonsense, all good information.”
  • “Thanks for an inspiring hour.”