Developing a Brand Tagline: Five Tips for Success

Brand Tagline Five Tips for Success
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There’s a lot of advice out there regarding the development of a brand tagline, and some of it is crap.  (Example: “It needs to be short and memorable.” Wow, it sounds so easy when a professional explains it.)

In this post, my goal is to give you a set of considerations – some contrary to “conventional wisdom” – that will help you decide how to best proceed with the development of your brand tagline.

The first two tips deal with the “before” phase – what to consider before you move ahead with the development of a tagline:

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Who’s Your Ideal Client?

ideal client or customer
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At two different coffee meetings, I ask two designers to tell me who their ideal client is. Both answer confidently.

Andy tells me this: “I can do it all – logos, print, graphic design, web – and in all kinds of industries.”

Beth tells me this: “I excel at serving clients who either need to build a visual identity from the ground up or completely overhaul an existing one, and then apply it across multiple media. My expertise is particularly deep in B2B. And my minimum for an integrated project is $20,000.” Continue reading “Who’s Your Ideal Client?”

Bad Packaging Design: Lessons From the Beer Aisle

Bad Packaging Design Lessons
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It’s safe to say I’m a pretentious, annoying beer snob craft beer aficionado.  I keep several varieties on hand at all times – just in case someone stops by! – and I regularly experiment with different breweries and styles.

Bad Packaging Design – Example One

So it’s not unusual that I recently found myself in the smallish (but well-curated) beer aisle of my local Whole Foods. On this day, they were featuring the Four in Hand Winter Brew. The two side panels of the six-pack looked like this:

Huh.  All that real estate, and not a word about what the beer tastes like.  Or even what style it is.  Is it a brown ale?  A porter?  Roasty?  Malty?  Spicy?  Sweet?  I removed a bottle from the carton, hoping to find a clue, but there was no information there either. Continue reading “Bad Packaging Design: Lessons From the Beer Aisle”

Make a Real Brand Guarantee

Holiday Inn Brand Guarantee
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A few weeks ago in this space, we discussed “Reasons to Believe.” We defined RTBs as persuasive facts that support the promise you make or the difference you claim.

Reasons to Believe are particularly critical in this era of eroding consumer trust. These days, you should assume distrust. That’s because consumers have been disappointed so many times in the past – lousy customer service, bait-n-switch, golden parachutes for incompetent execs, you name it. Continue reading “Make a Real Brand Guarantee”

Why Should I Believe You? RTBs and Your Brand

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Why should I believe you?

If you’re not asking that question – from the standpoint of your consumers or clients, both current and prospective – you should be. And for a simple reason: They probably don’t.

Consumers are jaded. They’re tired of being promised one thing and getting another. They’ve been repulsed by the Enrons of the world. They’ve watched CEOs receive multi-million dollar bonuses for running their companies into the ground. They’ve been burned by shady car salesmen. Continue reading “Why Should I Believe You? RTBs and Your Brand”

How Should Domino’s Respond?

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That Branding Thing reader Sean Grace asked a great question in the “comments” section of my previous post. He wrote:

“Matthew, what kinds of things do you think Domino’s can do in the near future to begin to win back the trust of customers? What would work in your opinion?”

I won’t claim to be a PR expert, but I’ll offer a few ideas. Continue reading “How Should Domino’s Respond?”

Tropicana Package Design: Out with the Old, In with the New, Out with the New…

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The new Tropicana package design is an epic, unmitigated failure.

AdAge reports that Tropicana’s packaging change was not just a customer-relations fiasco.  It was also a financial drain on the brand.  Dollar sales of Tropicana Pure Premium dropped 19% from Jan. 1 to Feb. 22 of this year.  (Category dollar sales fell 5% in the same time period.) On Feb. 23, Tropicana announced that it was pulling the new design and reverting to the old.

Both designs are shown below, with the original Tropicana package design on the left, and the new (recently removed) design on the right.

I can’t think of a bigger design snafu in recent history.  And there’s been quite a bit of talk in the marketing community about what exactly went wrong. Consensus seems to be that it’s a failure of marketing research – that research should have kept this design from hitting the shelves. I’ve got a different point of view. Continue reading “Tropicana Package Design: Out with the Old, In with the New, Out with the New…”