Here to Play or Here to Win?

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In your local supermarket, right now, there are hundreds of products destined for the graveyard.  They’re just taking up space, hoping for a miracle.  Most you’ll never try, and many aren’t even on your radar. 

Here are some signs that a brand lacks a clear intent to win:

  • Fuzzy targeting – No product is ideal for everyone… or even almost everyone.
  • Multiple messages – People are bombarded with thousands of ads every day.  So sending 10 different messages isn’t nearly as effective as sending the right message 10 times. 
  • Minimal difference – Near-parity won’t carry the day.  (Even if the biggest brands get away with it sometimes.)
  • Lack of resources – It’s not enough to open your doors or build a website.  You have to support all the key points in the buying process.
Lotta pickles in this world. A LOT.

But when your goal is nothing less than winning, everything changes.

When you think in terms of winning, you have to be sharply focused on your Who, your What, your How and your Why.  You have to commit the necessary resources.  And you have to make tough, often bold choices. 

Of course, intending to win doesn’t guarantee victory.

But merely playing almost guarantees mediocrity. 

Be all-in, or not at all.

About Matthew Fenton: Matthew is a former CMO who helps brands to focus, grow and win.  Since founding his consultancy, Three Deuce Branding, in 1997, he’s helped hundreds of brands to achieve “brand clarity.”  His consulting services and speaking engagements help brands to focus on what matters through positioning, strategy and ideation.  Contact Matthew here.  He’s based near Portland, in Oregon wine country.

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