More Dirty Marketing Tricks

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Why is consumer trust of marketers at an all-time low?

Dirty Marketing Tricks EnvelopeBecause, in part, of crap like this.

The photo is of a piece of direct mail I recently received.  There can’t possibly be a “STATEMENT ENCLOSED,” because I don’t do business with this organization.

What was inside, as you probably guessed, was a promotional offer.  Nothing more.

Yes, it’s a fairly minor infraction.  On the Dirty Marketing Spectrum of fuzzy language, half-truths and blatant falsehoods, it’s to the left.  We’re not talking Theranos here.

Still, the sender opted to open the conversation with a lie.

And every time we make the choice to deceive, we erode trust.

Marketers, we can do better.  And if we want people to trust us, we have to.

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