J.K. Rowling Is a Hack

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J.K. Rowling is a hack.

I don’t believe that, but some people do.  Devotees of Hemingway think she uses too many adverbs, probably.  And some call her stories “derivative.”

J.K. Rowling Is a Hack
Hero to many, hack to a few. (Credit: JKRowling.com)

Many, many others love Rowling’s vividly imaginative worlds and the lessons of her stories.  More than a few people even have Harry Potter tattoos.  And, as Roy Peter Clark notes, Rowling’s gift for naming characters is virtually unparalleled.

Some people also hate Black Panther, or Rothko, or the Clash.

So: Your work could be adored by millions, but someone will still dislike it, perhaps loudly.

You can’t please everyone.  But whatever you’re working on, it’s not for “everyone.”  And if you can delight, serve or move even a small number of people, you will have done more than most.

There are no statues that honor critics.  Don’t let the naysayers stop you from creating something for those that do care.

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