Stop worrying about your branding.

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Your brand is not your logo.

Your brand is not your website.

Your brand is not your color scheme.

These are elements of your brand.  But they’re not your brand.

If you’re struggling to attract or keep customers, a new logo, by itself, won’t fix that.

(Similarly, if your house has a cracked, crumbling foundation, the solution is not to paint it.)

Ultimately, your brand is a set of perceptions in the minds of the humans you exist to serve.

And it’s a set of perceptions in the minds of the humans who can help you serve those humans.

The strongest perceptions are created by powerful experiences.

Powerful experiences are created when values are made manifest in action.  When the status quo is challenged in a positive way.  When the intent is to serve others, and empathy and reliability are foundational.

So stop worrying about your branding.

Think “experience,” not “branding,” and your branding will get better.

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About Matthew Fenton: Matthew helps challenger brands to outpace the market and win.  Since founding his consultancy, Three Deuce Branding, in 1997, he’s helped hundreds of brands, including Wrigley, Valvoline and Fidelity Investments, to achieve “brand clarity.”  His consulting services and speaking engagements help brands to focus on what matters through positioning, strategy and ideation.  Contact Matthew here.  He’s based near Portland, in Oregon wine country.

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