Six Things on My Mind: Yahoo! Logo, AOL and Others

(Reading Time: 3 minutes)
Today’s version of the Yahoo! logo. Breathtaking, no?

30 Days of Churn: You might have heard that Yahoo! is revealing a new logo every day this month, as a build-up to the launch of the “official” new logo. They’re calling this campaign “30 Days of Change.” Legit question: Who cares? Is anyone really waking up in the morning eager to see today’s Yahoo! logo? Most every design has been evolutionary, not revolutionary, and thus unexciting – and if you’re trying to create a series, it helps to be interesting.  But more importantly, instead of another Yahoo! logo, I’d much rather they invest their resources in improving their user experience, which is the least reliable of the four email providers I use.

Who wants to work at AOL? It’s the kind of place where the CEO may fire you publicly, on a conference call, which actually happened this month. So much for whatever “corporate branding” initiatives they had underway.

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