Facing Goliath? Pick a New Target.

Facing Goliath Pick a New Target
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Almost every industry has its Goliath – its Walmart, its Amazon, its Home Depot.  And once a Goliath emerges, challenger brands generally react in one of two ways: Fatalistic resignation or invigorated creativity.

This morning, NPR ran this piece about New York City’s Posman Books, the rare independent bookseller that’s actually growing.  They’re doing it by tailoring each store to the needs of its consumers.  The Grand Central store is very different from the Chelsea location. Continue reading “Facing Goliath? Pick a New Target.”

Personal Trainers, Walmart and Differentiation

Walmart Target Logos Differentiation
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At the gym I frequent, there’s a personal trainer I don’t think very highly of.  Let’s call him Duff.

My issue with Duff is that he doesn’t push his clients to work out very hard.  In fact, I’ve never seen one sweat.  Instead, it’s more like Social Hour. Sometimes, Duff and his client are chatting it up during an exercise, which suggests a pretty low level of exertion.  I wish his clients would stop wasting their time and money, and I want Duff to do better training on their behalf.

On a seemingly unrelated note, yesterday I visited a Walmart in Chicago’s west suburbs.  At this store, merchandising took a back seat to other priorities; “cluttered” is a fair term to use.

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Target Market Definition: How to Create Yours

Target Market Definition Brand Strategy
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In a previous post, we met Beth and Andy, two fictitious (but reality-based) designers who take very different approaches to their target market definition.

Andy’s approach is “I can do it all, and all sales are good sales.” Beth is more deliberate and precise.  By defining her ideal client and project, she also defines the kind of business she doesn’t want. Hers is a much more effective approach, particularly for challenger brands.

Today, I’ll show you how to create your ideal target market definition. The framework is meant to be broad enough to apply to everything from a solo consultant to a major consumer brand, so it will need to be tweaked as appropriate to your particular situation. (Also, for the rest of this post, I’ll use the word “consumers” to include clients and customers as well.) Continue reading “Target Market Definition: How to Create Yours”

Who’s Your Ideal Client?

ideal client or customer
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At two different coffee meetings, I ask two designers to tell me who their ideal client is. Both answer confidently.

Andy tells me this: “I can do it all – logos, print, graphic design, web – and in all kinds of industries.”

Beth tells me this: “I excel at serving clients who either need to build a visual identity from the ground up or completely overhaul an existing one, and then apply it across multiple media. My expertise is particularly deep in B2B. And my minimum for an integrated project is $20,000.” Continue reading “Who’s Your Ideal Client?”