Make a Real Brand Guarantee

Holiday Inn Brand Guarantee
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A few weeks ago in this space, we discussed “Reasons to Believe.” We defined RTBs as persuasive facts that support the promise you make or the difference you claim.

Reasons to Believe are particularly critical in this era of eroding consumer trust. These days, you should assume distrust. That’s because consumers have been disappointed so many times in the past – lousy customer service, bait-n-switch, golden parachutes for incompetent execs, you name it. Continue reading “Make a Real Brand Guarantee”

Why Should I Believe You? RTBs and Your Brand

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Why should I believe you?

If you’re not asking that question – from the standpoint of your consumers or clients, both current and prospective – you should be. And for a simple reason: They probably don’t.

Consumers are jaded. They’re tired of being promised one thing and getting another. They’ve been repulsed by the Enrons of the world. They’ve watched CEOs receive multi-million dollar bonuses for running their companies into the ground. They’ve been burned by shady car salesmen. Continue reading “Why Should I Believe You? RTBs and Your Brand”