Dumb Numbers

(Reading Time: 3 minutes)
Nate Silver knows a smart number from a dumb one.

In the months leading up to Tuesday’s presidential election, the major news networks regularly presented the results of polls of the popular vote.

Funny thing, though – here in America, we don’t elect candidates based on the popular vote.  We have an Electoral College.

A poll of the national popular vote is kind of a dumb number. Continue reading “Dumb Numbers”

The Long Haul of Branding

(Reading Time: 4 minutes)

After a recent presentation, an audience member asked for my opinion on the most common misconception about branding.

It was an easy question to answer. It’s the idea that branding is an initiative.  That it’s something that requires a brief investment of attention and time, and can then be moved down the priority list. This way of thinking suggests that branding is a sprint.  But it’s not.  It’s more like marathon.  It’s a commitment for the long haul. Continue reading “The Long Haul of Branding”