Setting Brand Objectives: Not Just What, But Why

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When you’re setting brand objectives, you of course have to clearly identify what the objective is.  But it’s even more important to identify the WHY – why it’s important to achieve.

A client once told me that her objective for a new brand strategy was to make her business seem “edgier.” When asked why, she told us that she was concerned that her legacy consumer was aging.  So she thought an “edgier” presentation would help her attract younger consumers.


For over two decades, her brand had delivered prestige, polish and refinement.  It was truly a best-in-class service experience with the awards and accolades to show for it.

Through the course of the brand strategy project, I was able to convince her that “edginess” was inauthentic.  And it would undermine years of brand equity.

A better approach to attract new consumers? Adopt new targeting methods and messaging. It worked.

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