Bad Packaging Design: Lessons From the Beer Aisle

Bad Packaging Design Lessons
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It’s safe to say I’m a pretentious, annoying beer snob craft beer aficionado.  I keep several varieties on hand at all times – just in case someone stops by! – and I regularly experiment with different breweries and styles.

Bad Packaging Design – Example One

So it’s not unusual that I recently found myself in the smallish (but well-curated) beer aisle of my local Whole Foods. On this day, they were featuring the Four in Hand Winter Brew. The two side panels of the six-pack looked like this:

Huh.  All that real estate, and not a word about what the beer tastes like.  Or even what style it is.  Is it a brown ale?  A porter?  Roasty?  Malty?  Spicy?  Sweet?  I removed a bottle from the carton, hoping to find a clue, but there was no information there either. Continue reading “Bad Packaging Design: Lessons From the Beer Aisle”