How Should Domino’s Respond?

(Reading Time: 2 minutes)

That Branding Thing reader Sean Grace asked a great question in the “comments” section of my previous post. He wrote:

“Matthew, what kinds of things do you think Domino’s can do in the near future to begin to win back the trust of customers? What would work in your opinion?”

I won’t claim to be a PR expert, but I’ll offer a few ideas. Continue reading “How Should Domino’s Respond?”

Domino’s, YouTube and Idiotic Employees

(Reading Time: 3 minutes)

The internet is abuzz today with reports of the two Domino’s employees who tampered with food, videotaped it, and uploaded it to YouTube.

As Emily Bryson York writes in the April 14 AdAge:

“…two youths identifying themselves as Kristy and Michael besmirch a pair of sub sandwiches and the pizza chain’s reputation. Michael inserts pieces of cheese into his nose and waves pieces of salami behind his backside. Both the salami and the cheese are placed on the sandwiches. The video had gotten more than 21,000 YouTube views at press time. ” (UPDATE, April 16: According to AdAge, from April 14 to 15, the number of YouTube views had jumped from 21,000 to 760,000.) Continue reading “Domino’s, YouTube and Idiotic Employees”