11 Resolutions for Brand Leaders in 2021

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Who says resolutions are just for personal goals?  As per tradition, here’s my ever-evolving list of resolutions for brand leaders, meant to help guide your success in 2021 and beyond.

Read them, live them, laminate them!

  1. I will keep two things front and center: The people we exist to serve, and the change we will create for them.  My starting point is not what we get, but what we give.
  2. In line with #1, I will craft a brand positioning statement that clearly defines our Who (the people we serve), our How (our meaningful difference) and our Why (the benefit we create).
  3. I will approach strategy as an informed opinion on how to win.  I will diagnose where we are, establish where we want to be, and make clear, credible choices to bridge the gap.
  4. I will remember that what we do matters far more than what we say – and if we do something meaningful, we’ll have a story worth telling.
  5. I will be focused, disciplined and creative.  I will do a few things very well instead of many things at parity.  I will do more with less.
  6. I won’t waste one minute trying to please everyone, because what we do isn’t for “everyone.”
  7. I will recognize that internal victories precede external ones – and that guiding the unified intent of our team is one of my most important roles.
  8. I will remember that culture beats strategy – but it’s not an either/or.
  9. I will treat my consumers, co-workers and partners with the respect they deserve – always.
  10. I will ask more questions, listen more, read more and learn from every possible source.
  11. I will use my brand as a force for good – to make the world a better place in some way.

What would you add to this list of resolutions?  Here’s to creating meaning and value in 2021!

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