Kick-Start Your Brand With More Ideas – Fast

New ideas are the fuel of any enduring brand.  Our ideation events will give you more ideas than you’re used to seeing – and in less time.

Matthew Fenton has led hundreds of idea-generating sessions, from two-hour blitzes to two-day workshops to two-week events.  Whether you need new ideas for products, services, user experience, promotions or messaging, we can build an innovation event that’s right for you.

Why Three Deuce for Ideation?

We dig deep.  At Three Deuce, we “learn first, create second.”  Our ideation events are driven by front-end insights.  That means understanding objectives, culture, strengths, consumers, competitors and trends before we do anything else.  And our process encourages your team to think deeply about the challenge, not just skim the surface.  It all adds up to ideas of greater depth – and greater value to your consumers.

You get full ideas – not fragments.  We’ve all endured those brainstorming sessions that result in a bunch of words on Post-Its… but nothing you can make sense of two days later.  Our process is built on a series of exercise loops, in which participants carry ideas from initial spark to fully-formed concepts.  Ideas are clearly and purely captured in uniform templates by the team members that generated them, resulting in meatier concepts and a more streamlined and effective evaluation process.

You get a portfolio.  Some inventing shops only deliver pie-in-the-sky concepts, which is fine if you have years to develop them.  Our process is designed to deliver you a portfolio of concepts – from fast-to-market ideas that build momentum now, to bolder ideas that drive category disruption.  Bottom line: You get a full pipeline, not a basketful of crazy ideas.

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 Here’s What Others Say…

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Matthew in a variety of settings, both with large and small companies. He’s proven himself as an inspirational, “what box?” kind of thinker that not only inspires creativity, but builds a process that allows you to take learnings far beyond initial ideation sessions. His work generates large volumes of concepts that are executable but extend beyond the plethora of ideas that float around an organization. He’s able to manage difficult personalities, bring the best out of everyone, and ensure everyone has a fantastic and productive time doing it!  I’ve worked with a variety of ideation consultants in my career, and Matthew is better than the rest, with no comparison!”

~ Robbin Bedard, Former SVP-Marketing, Polyform Products


“Matthew is especially strong in leading new product ideation sessions. He has a plethora of tools and strategies that he employs to get the most out of the participants. In fact, the most recent ideation session he led for us generated 420 new product concepts in only 2 days.”

~ John Leonardo, Director of Marketing, Post Holdings


“Matthew revolutionized the way our company went about creating products and brands. His fast-moving, wildly fun collaborative approach to product development brought out the most creative elements in all of us and helped us dream up a number of innovative new products for our new line. He is professional, to the point, and one of the most creative individuals I have met. I recommend Matthew and Three Deuce to anyone who is looking to shake up their brands!”

~ Jennifer Popple, Former New Product Manager, Duncan Enterprises


“I’ve worked with Matthew on several occasions to generate new product ideas.  First, he clearly explains why it is necessary… and then inspires participants to push ideas out past their comfort zones in order to envision new opportunities.  Plus, he’s a lot of fun!”

~ Gwendolyn Graff, Technical Principal, Wrigley


“Matthew has conducted several ideation sessions with which I have been involved.  He does a wonderful job engaging participants, keeping the ball rolling and helping to hone “blue sky” to more specific ideas.  We had a great time, received wonderful ideas that we acted upon, and definitely plan to work with Three Deuce again!”

~ Elisa Egan, R&D Manager, Wrigley


“At Valvoline, we hired Matthew Fenton to lead ideation sessions for our New Product Development Team.  We needed new perspective and thinking, and Matthew helped us become more creative and think more (I hate this expression, but it seems to work here) ‘out-of-the-box.’  With Matthew, we found a greater ability to come up with ideas that came from deeper thinking and a new perspective.  Matthew not only helped us to formulate new ideas, he helped us turn them into actionable, test-ready product concepts.  Thank you, Matthew.”

~ Larry Solomon, President, Strategic Resources, Inc.

Former Manager of Consumer Research, Valvoline


“Matthew disproves the myth that only a select few can be creative and drive innovation.  Employing an ever-evolving, well-defined and proven process, Matthew takes teams through a series of brilliantly conceived exercises designed to awaken the creative genius within us all. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve repeatedly enlisted Matthew’s creative leadership sessions to rapidly generate innovation that drives business results.”

~ Thomas Wessling, President, Performance Plus Marketing

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