Positioning, strategy & guidance for ambitious, principled brands.

You’re not here just to prop up the P&L. You believe in making a difference.

And you & your team are already doing many things well.


Your consumers have plenty of options.

Your competitors have some key advantages.

And your team needs guidance to move forward most effectively.

What’s the answer?

Brand clarity.

When you have brand clarity:

  • Your investments are more effective.
  • Your consumers are more loyal.
  • Your team is more engaged.
  • Your competition is more concerned about you than you are about them.
Matthew Fenton Headshot

Hi, I’m Matthew Fenton. I call my approach Asymmetric Branding.

Asymmetric Branding is a deliberate choice to be different.  It’s about sharp focus, a creative approach and meaningful results.  It’s about raving fans, not just social media likes. 

Asymmetric Branding gives you the clarity to:

  • Define your big idea
  • Play to your strengths
  • Win on your terms

When you’re clear on your brand’s core, it’s one decision that makes thousands of other decisions easier.

“Bring Out Your Brand’s Essence”

As a marketing professional myself, it is very rare for me to hand one of my own brands to someone else to “tell me what to do.”  When I do, the person I call is Matthew.

His instincts and processes are carefully crafted to bring out the essence of each brand he touches. The confidence he brings into the room is contagious and his passion for his work is endless.

Don’t miss an opportunity to have him help you grow your brand.

Doug Lyon, Founder & CEO, Roaring Brands; creator of Paqui tortillas and Feast & Fury potato chips

How I Can Help Build Your Brand

In a short-term, tactical world, I help your brand take the long-term, strategic view.  My services are concentrated in four areas (click on each icon to learn more):

Core Brand Aspirations

Unify your team with credible and motivating statements of purpose, vision and values.

Positioning Icon

High-Contrast Positioning

Separate yourself from the herd by defining exactly what you stand for, who you serve & what makes you different.

Strategy Icon

Stand-Apart Strategy

Play to your strengths, unlevel the playing field in your favor, and identify the few focus areas that will lead to winning.

Messaging Icon

Made-to-Fit Messaging

Identify the most motivating messages for your consumers and provide a common language for your team.

I can also provide advisory services and workshop facilitation.

“Taught Us How to Think Fresh”

Matthew delivers a wealth of brand-building ideas.

But perhaps his greatest talent is bringing new ideas out of those who know their business best. He taught us how to think fresh.

Todd Bender, Former VP-Sales and Marketing, Heritage Homes

“Helped Us Clearly Define Our Vision”

Matthew helped us clearly define our vision for the Natorp’s brand – and create strategic ideas to turn that vision into reality. 

I would recommend Matthew to anyone who wants to take their brand to the next level.

Kyle Natorp, CEO & President, Natorp’s Inc.

Why Work With Me?

Because distinctive brands need distinctive strategies.

Strategy is situational.  And your situation is unique.

So I won’t hand you an off-the-shelf “solution.”  And this won’t be some simple fill-in-the-blanks exercise.

We’ll dig deep. I’ll ask questions and listen. And I won’t formulate answers until I have the facts.  (Crazy, I know, but it seems to work.) 

Understanding the nuances of your unique situation is the first step in creating the best plan to win.

Because core brand strategy requires a specialist.

You wouldn’t hire the guy who paints your house to lay its foundation, right?  It’s a different set of skills.

I’m in the foundation-laying business.  I work exclusively in core brand guidance, and I’ve helped brands in dozens of industries to lay foundations for growth.

If your house needs a fresh coat of paint after that, I know some talented people who can help you.  They’re just not on my payroll.

Because your brand deserves top-level support and experience.

There’s an old agency trick: “Win the account with senior staff, run the account with junior staff.”  I have no junior staff; I handle every project personally.

As a former CMO, I’ve walked in your shoes, I’ve owned the P&L and I have a track record of delivering double-digit growth.  You’ll have my full attention and my 30 years of experience at your disposal.

Because my clients think you should.

Since opening my doors in 1997, I’m proud that 95% of my work has come from referral or repeat business.  You’ll see the logos and testimonials of my clients throughout this website. 

“Thorough and Disciplined”

Matthew didn’t begin our relationship with a pre-baked solution. He took the time to get to know our customers, our employees, our history and our challenges.

This understanding allowed Matthew to speak intelligently on behalf of our brand.  Many brands could benefit from his thorough and disciplined approach to strategy.

Scott Brandt, VP-Marketing, Smokeball; Former EVP-Marketing, Yello

“Actually Listens and Learns”

Matthew immersed himself in our industry (one in which he had little prior knowledge) and, within a matter of a few weeks, was able to contribute as though he’d known it for years.

He retains information at an alarming rate and he actually listens and learns before drawing his conclusions.

Dan Stuby, Sales Manager, Disney Youth Programs; Former Brand Development Manager, Bob Rogers Travel

Ready to Get Started?

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