Turning underdog brands into winners.

Matthew Fenton

Hi, I’m Matthew Fenton.  I’ve spent over two decades as a consultant and CMO helping challenger brands to outpace their competition, and I’d love to do the same for you.

I deliver “brand clarity” in three ways:

  • Consulting – through the company I founded in 1997, Three Deuce Branding (formerly based in Cincinnati, now in Chicago)
  • Speaking – delivering clear theory and actionable information (with a dose of humor) to the audiences I serve
  • Writing – at my blog, That Branding Thing, and for national publications like American City Business Journals

As I serve my clients, I stick to a few core beliefs, among them:

  • Brands not only can make the world a better place, but they should.
  • The principles and practices of smart branding and strategy should be available to all.
  • If strategy isn’t fun, you may not be doing it right.
  • Focus and creativity are the underdog’s best friends.
  • Do something meaningful, and you’ll have a story worth telling.
  • Today is a great day to get started.

Please sign up for my blog updates and feel free to contact me directly.  I look forward to helping you build your brand and your business!