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Get the right partner for your needs.

Selecting the right agency is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a brand leader.

Get it right, and you’ll add a true partner to the team – one that delivers ROI, growth and competitive advantage for years.

Get it wrong, and your brand will lose momentum and fall behind.  And you’ll be searching for another agency soon.

Whether you’re looking for a partner in design, digital, promotions, or in multiple disciplines, I can help.  In over 25 years in brand management and consulting, I’ve led successful agency searches in all areas of marketing execution.

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Why Three Deuce for Your Agency Search?

We’ll Sharpen Your Focus Up-Front.  A search is more efficient – and effective – when you’re crystal-clear about what you’re looking for.  And every search involves trade-offs.  For example:

  • Would you rather be a large account at a smaller agency, or a small account at a larger agency?
  • Do you seek a specialist in one discipline or a generalist in many?
  • Do you prefer expertise in certain tactics, or experience in a given market?

We’ll dive deep into your business, its context and its challenges to answer many questions like these up-front – which saves time and money during the search process.

We’ll Make It Seamless for You.  An agency search can be enormously time-consuming.  And you’ve got a business to run.  That’s why we:

  • Lay out the most efficient process up-front, and guide it from start to finish.
  • Handle the development of RFIs and the screening of responses.
  • Act as the first point of contact with agencies, to manage your time most effectively.

We’re Impartial.  Unlike many search consultants, we don’t accept fees from agencies, so we have no vested interest in the outcome – apart from finding the right agency for your needs.  We’re respectful and ethical in all interactions with all parties, to ensure that when we find the right partner for you, the relationship begins on strong footing.

Here’s What Others Say…

“Matthew led searches for advertising, design and promotional agencies while I was at two different companies.  As with all assignments, he led with objectives and principles, and kept these front and center throughout.  His process is thorough and efficient, but most importantly, it gets results.”

~ Liam Killeen, Chief Operating Officer, Wells Enterprises

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