It’s been my privilege and my pleasure to partner with the following brands, among others.  And I’m proud that, since I founded Three Deuce Branding in 1997, over 92% of that work has been repeat or referral.

Here’s What Our Clients Say…

“Matthew does what every great brand should do. He developed a strong reputation in our first interaction so many years ago.  Therefore, there was no question he would be my go-to guy whenever an opportunity arose.

“He delivered beyond my expectations and the Mrs. Prindable’s brand has benefited immensely from his expertise. I recommend Matthew without hesitation.”

Todd McClamroch, VP-Marketing, Affy Tapple & Mrs. Prindable’s

“I worked with Matthew on the branding of a product line for our business. The market we were entering was cluttered and stagnant. Matthew applied a well thought-out process, listened, and brought creative ideas. His brand concept for our product was very good. He really knows his space well and is an excellent thinker.”

Steve Jenks, CMO, Empower Retirement, Former SVP-Marketing, Fidelity Investments

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Matthew in a variety of settings, both with large and small companies. He’s an inspirational, ‘what box?’ kind of thinker. He’s able to manage difficult personalities, bring the best out of everyone, and ensure everyone has a fantastic and productive time doing it!

“I’ve worked with a variety of consultants in my career, and Matthew is better than the rest, with no comparison!”

Robbin Bedard, Former VP-Marketing, Polyform Products; Former New Products Manager, Wrigley

“We realized that our thought process was too insulated, and we needed new perspective.   We brought in Matthew to help us become more creative and to think more (I hate this expression, but it seems to work here) ‘out-of-the-box.’

“By bringing in Matthew, a we found a greater ability to come up with ideas that came from deeper thinking and a new perspective.”

Larry Solomon, President, Strategic Resources, Inc.; Former Manager of Consumer Research, Valvoline

“Matthew immersed himself in our industry (one in which he had little prior knowledge) and, within a matter of a few weeks, was able to contribute as though he’d known it for years. He retains information at an alarming rate and he actually listens and learns before drawing his conclusions.”

Dan Stuby, Sales Manager, Disney Youth Programs; Former Brand Development Manager, Bob Rogers Travel

“Matthew dispels the myth that only a select few can be creative.  Deploying a well-defined and proven process, Matthew takes teams through a series of brilliantly conceived exercises designed to awaken the creative genius within us all.

“Over the past 15+ years I’ve enlisted Matthew’s creative leadership to rapidly generate true innovation that drives results.”

Tom Wessling, Owner, TLW Consulting; Former SVP-Client Services, Carlson Marketing Worldwide

“Matthew guided and directed our team through an objective process that clearly defined our brand’s personality, affiliation, attributes and uniqueness.  Uptown Cincinnati is a great place to live, work and play.”

Tony Brown, Former President & CEO, Uptown Consortium

“Matthew took a tremendous amount of time to understand all aspects of our firm before presenting his recommendations. The final product demonstrated his knowledge of our culture and client relationships as well as the services we provide.

“I strongly recommend his services to any firm looking to strengthen their brand.”

Chris Oberholzer, Principal, Infinity Wealth Counsel; Former Managing Member, Wealth Dimensions Group