Taco Bell Launches the “Five Buck Buck Box.” Seriously.

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Twenty years into a marketing and branding career, I’m still regularly amazed by what makes it to market.

Taco Bell has just introduced a new menu item. Below are two screen-grabs taken from the Taco Bell website this week:

Note that it’s not the “$5 Box.” Or the “Five Buck Box.” It’s the “$5 Buck Box.” That’s the “Five Dollar Buck Box.”

Or, if you prefer, the “Five Buck Buck Box.”

A number of agency and client personnel no doubt saw and approved this creative. So I’m assuming this was a deliberate choice. The question is why?

Every touch-point is an opportunity for your brand to gain credibility – or lose it. Taco Bell, you may not care about grammar, but why offend those of us that do?

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  1. I’m hoping the reason was because they thought their customers weren’t smart enough (or too drunk?) to understand one or the other.

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